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How to tell if your engine is having problems

There are several warning signs you can watch out for to determine if it's time to call our small engine repair company. Your engine might need repair work if...

  • You hear knocking, sputtering and rattling sounds
  • It's using too much gas
  • You can't get your equipment started

Our technician will start with a diagnostic to discover the cause of the malfunction and then make the necessary fix. Request an appointment for small engine repair services today.

Keep Your Mechanical Equipment Working Properly

Rely on our small engine repair company serving Thompsonville, NY and surrounding areas

If your gas-powered trimmer or other device isn't starting or staying on like it should, you'll need an expert technician to fix the problem. That's where Mcarthur's Small Engine Repair comes in. Our small engine repair company serves clients in Thompsonville, NY and surrounding areas.

From broken lawn mowers to faulty weedwhackers, we can repair them all. You can also make us your preferred recreation vehicle repair company. Your equipment and vehicles will run like new by the time we're done fixing the engine. Call 845-428-3014 now to make an appointment for small engine repair services.

Why choose Mcarthur's Small Engine Repair?

Our owner and lead technician has more than 10 years of engine repair experience, and our small engine and recreation vehicle repair company is fully licensed. You'll also appreciate our fast turnaround times and clear communication.